CSR Projects

Giving back to the Community

Melstacorp completed the latest CSR project to uplift health facilities in Tammannawa Hospital, Mihintale.

With support from the Hospital Development Committee and the medical staff, Melstacorp completely renovated the hospital, providing it with much needed facilities. Further, Melstacorp organised a free eye clinic with the support of Help-Age Sri Lanka and distributed 150 free spectacles to those in need. 

Estate Worker Housing Co-operatives

Balangoda Plantation contributes towards community development by providing financial support to workers including short term loans, housing loans and distress assistance, facilitating purchase of goods and equipment on easy payment schemes, death benefit scheme, and so on, through the Estate Worker Housing Co-operatives, which are actively functioning within the Balangoda Plantation. 

Health, Housing and Sanitation

Balangoda Plantations has been actively involved in uplifting the lifestyles of its estate community by facilitating new housing and better working conditions. In addition, numerous awareness programmes were undertaken towards improving the socio economic growth and health and nutritional status, and living environment, youth empowerment and community capacity building, of the resident plantation population. 

Housing Facilities

During the current year too, Balangoda Plantations continued its efforts at upgrading living standards of plantation communities by building 108 housing units for estate families. These new, modern housing units are built to high construction standards, enabling hygienic and healthy life styles for plantation families with the benefits of essential amenities and conducted a reroofing programme for 70 housing units. Further, Balangoda Plantations invested on a new water supply project in Matwagalla Estate. 

Health Care and Safety

Balangoda Plantation manages a number of child care centres and pre-schools within the plantations. The child care centres are supported by full-time trained teachers and nutritional feeding programmes.

Regular child immunization programmes are also conducted at the child care centres, ensuring access to proper child immunization for estate children. Further, awareness programmes on improving nutritional status of women and children, dental clinics, awareness programmes on prevention and detection of cancer, disaster management, rehearsals on landslide situations, are some of the many activities carried out to create an informed and a healthy community.