Sustainability Report


We understand that, globally, stakeholders at large are demanding that companies they associate with demonstrate non-financial metrics to define sustainability and sustainable operations. Financial profitability as the sole criteria of a company’s success is an outdated concept and rejected by most right-thinking stakeholders and the organizations they support. 

In an era of growing global competition, climate change and diminishing resources, companies that put sustainability as their foremost goal are winning the race.

While we cultivate values that have been followed over a period, we consider this an opportunity to strengthen our conceptions of business practices that are environmentally and socially sustainable, while also being financially sustainable, the key requirement of any commercial entity. 


To be an industry leader who will practice the tenets of a ‘green company’ and be upheld as a true proponent of sustainable development.


To truly ‘walk the talk’ in becoming green and espouse upward momentum for people, planet and profit.


  • Infusing innovation, value addition, quality and service excellence to give our customers the best.
  • Create a knowledge gaining culture where our teams grow and develop as individuals, while honing the entrepreneurial spark to contribute towards macro development.
  • Continue giving our shareholders the confidence and trust that we will always do what’s best, thus ensuring consistent growth in shareholder value and returns.
  • Make our planet healthy and green by contributing social dividends that will translate towards sustainable development for society and the environment.
  • Ensure that everything we do will always keep us ahead and at the helm, collating the facets of economic, social and environmental features into our business dimensions. We integrate this three-pronged approach to sustainability, so that the journey with our stakeholders will remain one in which we grow together, forging and strengthening long-term relationships.