Balangoda Plantations PLC which was acquired by the DCSL Group in 1997 consists mainly of mid and low grown tea estates straddling the Uva and Sabaragamuwa Provinces in Sri Lanka. The total extent of its 23 Estates is over 13,000 hectares comprising of Sri Lanka’s most fertile tea and rubber Estates. The Plantation’s tea Estates covers a current cultivation of 5,400 hectares with an annual production in excess of 7 million kg. Adding to this is 1,800 hectares which is used exclusively for rubber tapping commensurate with Balangoda Plantations strong focus on latex and crepe rubber production activities. 

Famous for the uniqueness in taste and the finest quality, various grades of our teas continue to obtain top-prices at the world renowned Colombo Tea Auctions. In 2008 Tea grades of Balangoda Plantations secured all island top prices on 241 occasions while various grades of our rubber topped the market on 61 occasions giving credence to our status as a world class plantation company. Known for our fertility Balangoda Plantations’ Estates have obtained numerous certifications and accolades such as ISO 22000-2005 and “A Grade certifications by the Ethical Tea Partnership. 

Balangoda Plantations PLC.
P.O Box 6, Palm Garden,
Rathnapura, Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94-45-2222650
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